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“I gave a ready understanding and intellectual sympathy, a freedom from finicky prejudice and a regard for character irrespective of colour” Secret Search in Sacred India
“Scientific skepticism and spiritual sensitivity, elements which usually range themselves in sharp conflict and flagrant opposition” Secret Search in Sacred India
“Keep a critical but not hostile eye wherever you go” Secret Search in Sacred India
“I still wonder why people say they ‘lost their virginity’……..Cuz they ain’t ever finding that shit again”

Do you think taking advantage of a drunk girl is rape?

  • Stranger 2: Yup
  • Stranger 1: What is 'taking advantage of a drunk girl'?
  • Stranger 1: If she is conscious and consents, it's not rape.
  • Stranger 2: Having sex with a girl while she's drunk
  • Stranger 1: That's bullshit.
  • Stranger 1: Where do you draw the line?
  • Stranger 1: What if you've both been drinking?
  • Stranger 1: What if she had a couple of beers?
  • Stranger 1: As long as she is still in control of herself, it's not rape.
  • Stranger 2: Here's the line. If a girl says I'm not sure or no. And you do it anyway
  • Stranger 1: NO SHIT.
  • Stranger 2: Well 4 of my boyfriends didnt seem to understand that
  • Stranger 1: Then you got rapes.
  • Stranger 1: *raped.
  • Stranger 1: And you should have reported them if you didn't.
  • Stranger 2: Technically. I let them. My word against theirs
  • Stranger 2: I could have ran, said no more, fought back. I was too scared. They would argue they thought i wanted it.

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Lol I’m tired… and overwhelmed by Gadamer’s notion of play. I’ve contextualized it (with Kant & Schiller), but now need to dive into the nitty-gritty. And to top that, totally misread the deadline - it’s 10AM today not 2PM. I don’t want to be responsible for a crappy day for Suraiya - she has enough on her plate as it is - but if she’s at the library at 10AM I am definitely badgering her to buy a folder and print my super-long assignment(s) out. I don’t care if I’m being a tool. 


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